I love Conquer online this is one of the famous game and this game is so many players all country. Conquer Online is an MMORPG developed by TQ Digital Entertainment. It is available in English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Arabic. The game landscape is a two dimensional rendition of mythical China with three dimensional characters. The game has a straightforward combat-focused play style, incorporating common elements of many MMORPGs such as wealth, fame and character development.In the game, players can choose from six distinct classes Trojan, Archer, Taoist, Ninja, Monk, Pirate and Warrior, with the Taoist branching off into two sub-classes after the level 40 promotion Fire and Water, participate in server-wide battles, and enjoy Player Killing (PK) at leisure.Another feature of Conquer Online is the weekly server-wide guild war. Each guild may choose to attend the war in an attempt to capture the guild pole from the guild which currently controls it. The attacking guild(s) must storm a castle by taking down one of two gates to get in, then deplete the hit points of the guild pole. When the poles life bar is empty, whichever guild dealt the most damage to the pole gains control over the castle, and must protect the doors and pole until the end of the guild war period. Once the war has ended, the guild which last owned the pole wins and some benefits are granted to the reigning guild. The guild controlling the pole can enter and exit through the gate and leaders of the guild may open the gate at will















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